It is important to find the fairest solution when couples split and children are involved, it is very easy for disagreement to arise regarding custody, visitation and any other subject revolving around the child/children.

Child support arrangements have lots of benefits and can be done through the Child Maintenance Services (CMS). With help, support and guidance you and your spouse/partner can create a private agreement.

Why create a private child maintenance agreement?

Private child maintenance agreements have a few benefits and can also help you maintain an amiable relationship with the other parent.

The benefits come by way of flexibility, for example when/if financial circumstances change, providing the other parent agrees, you arrangement can change with an immediate effect.

What happens if my private agreement breaks down?

Not all private agreement are legally binding and therefore not all of them can be enforced in the Court if the other parent doesn’t keep to the agreement.

If you have used the Child Maintenance Options form that is available for download on their website this will not be enforceable via the Courts and you might have to go through a lengthy process with the Child Maintenance Service. If you are unaware how much the parent paying maintenance earns then it is advisable to seek legal advice, contact us today and we can help you further on this matter.

If both parents have expressly agreed to enter into a legal agreement then it is possible to draw up a private agreement which will be considered as legally binding. It is advisable to record this as a written document. If you would to consider this option and discuss further then contact us today and see how we could help.

I want a private agreement drafting with my child’s other parent, what do I do?

Issue revolving around children in a divorce can include caring for the child/children, issues with finances and/or the home and maintenance agreements, finding the right child law solicitor can help resolve these issues.

It is important for the wellbeing of your children and yourself to sort things out, we can offer advice, guidance and assistance on all of the legal processes you can choose from. Contact us today.

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