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Our calculator is free to use and we like to ensure our system is up to date to ensure you get the most accurate estimation. By just providing a few details we can tell you how much your claim could be worth..

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Using our claim calculator

Using our calculator couldn’t be easier, just click on which part of your body was injured, tell us how severe your injury is and how much income you think you may lose as a result of the accident. Our injury compensation calculator will give you an accurate estimate of how much your claim could be worth. Constructed using the most recent guidelines provided by the Judicial College our compensation calculator is the most accurate around.

What amount of compensation will I get for my injury?

Our knowledgeable personal injury team have a wide ranging experience in various different types of accident injuries; this includes anything from work accidents, road traffic accidents to public liability and criminal victim claims.

Over our 20 years of experience we have worked with thousands of clients each presenting different injuries, some of which have had their claims turned away from other solicitors before contacting us and winning their compensation.

Your compensation amount isn’t just based upon your injury itself. Compensation claims can cover the costs of money spent e.g. travel, treatment, care and loss of earnings during your recovery. Although we cannot promise to recover all additional losses and costs we can try.


How Much Is Your Claim Worth?


How Much Is Your Claim Worth?


How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

FAQs about our compensation calculator:

How will my final compensation amount be calculated?

Your final compensation amount is worked out by looking at how your life has been affected by your injuries, there for each case we settle has a unique figure to that client. |With this being said, it does mean we cannot calculate how much compensation you will be awarded to an exact figure online. However, you can gain an accurate estimated figure using our calculator.

When negotiating your compensation we will also consider thing such as:

  • How severe your injury was, including how long it has/will take you to recover
  • If you injury or rehabilitation will leave long-term effects
  • Any lost earnings
  • Any care you have had to have, even if provided by a family member
  • Medical expenses, including treatments, medication or rehabilitation
  • If you have had to make adaptations to your home or vehicle.

What does “No Win No Fee” mean?

As a claimant, a “No Win No Fee” agreement would mean you are only liable to pay solicitors fees if you successfully recover compensation. A previously agreed amount will be deducted from your compensation amount meaning you will not be liable to pay from your own pocket. We pride ourselves on our transparent services and can assure no hidden fees; therefore, in the unfortunate event your claim is unsuccessful you will not have to pay any legal fees. This type of agreement is documented on a CFA, conditional fee agreement.

In the event a “No Win No Fee” agreement isn’t available for your case we will inform you before gaining instructions from you.

How would my work injury compensation be calculated?

The amount of compensation that could be awarded for a workplace injury is determined via various factors. Firstly, it is important to establish how safe your working environment is, then we look at whether you have received the correct training and been given the appropriate equipment.

Workplace injuries are more commonly found in factory and production industries due to the equipment required and the dangers that can be found in this environment, covering around 40% of our claims for workplace injuries.

After considering the above we will also look your actual injuries and losses suffered due to the negligence, unsafe working conditions or poor environment. An injury at work can be caused in many different ways from hurting your back by slipping on a wet floor, to falling from a height on a construction site. Additionally, alongside your physical injuries, we will also consider your loss of earnings that have arisen due to time off for your injury whilst negotiating your settlement amount.

Liability has to be established, once it has your compensation amount will be agreed, either by settlement or via judgment.

If I claim compensation for my car accident, how would it be compensated?

Being involved in any type of vehicle accident means you may have suffered injuries and other losses; therefore you could be entitled to claim compensation. In order to ensure you have an eligible claim we will need to find out who caused the accident, this will be done via various investigation methods and if required we will send instructions to experts in order to gain the evidence of the fault. After liability (who was at fault) has been established your losses and injuries will be assessed in order to calculate your personal compensation amount.

How will my back injury compensation be calculated?

The compensation amount awarded for a back injury will depend upon how it was sustained, for example, was it sustained by gradual repetitive movement or suddenly by a fall. How your injury has been sustained will determine who is at fault for your injury.

You back injury compensation claim will then be considered by looking at your losses including loss of earnings and potential future losses, as well as your injury and any negative impacts it has had on your quality of life.

How would my eye compensation be calculated?

Our eyesight is very important to us, carrying out our day-to-day activities and maintaining our way of life is dependent upon it. Therefore damaging your eye via an injury could cause drastic changes to your quality of life. The loss of your sight entirely or partially shouldn’t be underestimated as it can have an impact on normal daily scenarios. Therefore for some eye injuries the amount of compensation awarded can be some of the highest settlement figures.

Alike other personal injury claims, it is a must to ensure you determine who is at fault for causing the injury. Once liability has been established we can then begin to present evidence of how your injury has impacted your life and begin to negotiate your settlement.  Find out more about making a compensation claim for your eye injury here.

How will my compensation for my slip, trip or fall be calculated?

If you have had a sip, trip or fall and are thinking of making a claim but would like to find out how much you could be entitled to first then our calculator could help. However, compensation amounts for these types of injuries can change drastically and is dependent upon the severity of the injuries. After we have looked at the severity of your injury we will also look at how your injury occurred, the impact it has had on your way of life and also any losses it has caused e.g. loss of earnings. Once all of these factors have been assessed we will then be able to determine how much compensation you are entitled to.

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