Are you suffering from a burn injury?

We understand that not only will you be suffering from the physical pain but it may leave you, dependant upon people around you, with permanent scarring and/or with psychological damage such as feeling self-conscious.

Getting back into the routine of your daily life can be difficult for both you and your loved ones. A burn injury can have various impacts on sufferer’s lives including the ability to work, socialise, continue hobbies or sports and can leave you with the feeling of demotivation as well as constant pain. In serious cases, a burn injury can be life-changing.

Although we know that no amount of money can undo the effects caused, making a personal injury compensation claim can go towards helping cover all expenses of your injury, thus leaving you to focus on recovering and not having to worry about additional financial pressure.

If you’d like further information and guidance then contact our legal advice team on 08000 250 250. We can speak with you on a free, confidential, no-obligation basis. We will ask you a few questions so we can understand your situation, then we can tell you if we think you have a claim and give you tailor advice. If you want to make a claim we can also set that up for you in the same call.

What is a burn injury?

There are different classifications of burns. It will depend on how deep the burn may be and how many layers of skin it penetrates in order to categorise it, the four types of burns are:

First-Degree Burns

Also known as a superficial burn or a wound, this injury affects the first layer of the skin and the is the mildest type of burn.

They don’t usually require medical treatment, however, if the area is large and painful it can be advisable to attend your doctor. This type of burn can also have complications during recovery such as infections.

Second-Degree Burns

Known also as a partial thickness burn, this is when the first and second layer of your skin has been burned. Second-degree burn can cause damage to the sweat glands, blood vessels and nerve endings.

Third-Degree Burns

Due to having 3 layers of skin a third-degree burn is known as a full thickness burn as it damages all 3 layers.

This type of burn usually has a long recovery period and often causes permanent scarring and/or disability. It is common that sufferers of third-degree burns have had a long period of time spent in the hospital, it is also not uncommon for the sufferer to have had to undergo surgery such as a skin graft.

Fourth-Degree Burns

This is the worse type of burn, not only does it damage the sufferer’s skin, underlying tissue and nerve endings but it can also reach fat cells and muscle, in some cases even the bone. These type of burns usually look black or charred and the area is usually left feeling crispy and dry.

Fourth-degree burns are not as common as the other types of burns but sufferers will require medical treatment including surgery or amputation. These types of burns are life changing and can even be fatal.

What could be the cause of a burn injury?

There are various different ways a burn injury can occur from an accident and unfortunately, even though they happen quickly the damage can be long-lasting and life-changing.

Although there are various ways a burn injury can be sustained below are a few examples:

  • Road traffic accident (RTA)  – some of the common ways burns can be caused in an RTA include hot liquids, friction, flames, faulty airbag
  • Defective products – mostly due to electrical or gas products/equipment causing fires or flames
  • Accidents at work – some of the more common causes are found within an accident at work claims. Causes include chemical injuries, exposed electrical wires, poorly maintained electrical equipment or accidents on a building/construction site

The examples given are not the only ways in which a burn injury can be sustained, whatever type of accident you have been involved in if it wasn’t your fault and you have suffered a burn injury as a result then we’re confident we can help you gain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help you, call 08000 250 250 or fill out our online form and we will call you.

How Do I Know If I Can Make A Burn Injury Compensation Claim?

One of the main things that put people off claiming is not knowing who is at fault if you’re unsure if your accident was due to your own or someone else’s negligence then our team can help.

Finding out if you are entitled to make a claim couldn’t be more simple, our legally trained advisors can tell you in minutes if you have a claim and can inform you of all your options on a free, confidential, no-obligation basis.

When you call our team will ask a few questions regarding your accident and injury just so we can better understand what has happened.

Understandably, it may be distressing to discuss your accident and injury. We appreciate you would have been through a traumatic experience which may still be ongoing, but our experienced team is here for you and we are happy for you to take your time, it is important to us that you feel comfortable.

If you decide you wish to proceed with the claim we will make the process quick and easy ensure we cover as much of what needs to be done as possible. Once your case has been assigned to one of our experienced solicitors they will contact you and guide you through the entire process, ensure you know what to expect and what work they will be doing on your behalf.

Not ready to speak with us just yet? Don’t worry, we can still advise that you should be eligible to claim if:

  • Your accident happened in the last 3 years
  • Yours was not at fault for the accident
  • You were injured as a result of the accident

What will I be compensated for?

The impact of a burn injury can be life-changing for you and your loved ones. As well as the physical pain associated with your burn injury, it can also have impacts on your work life, meaning you may have had to take time off work and your mental well-being.

Time off work will subsequently mean you have had a loss of earnings and unfortunately, this can build more stress during your recovery and make you feel pressured to get back to work even if you’re not physically ready.

Alongside this, your burn injury may have resulted in you being unable to socialise as much and carry out activities such as sports and hobbies or even daily tasks such as driving, this can lead to a feeling of isolation or make you become dependant on others around you.

Contact our legally trained advisors today to find out how we can help you and your loved ones get back on track.

Once you have contacted us and we understand your situation we can work tailored to suit your claim. With our experience, we will work tirelessly to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your burn injury.

Compensation cannot undo what has happened but it can ease the financial stress and pressures so you and your loved ones can focus on gaining normality.

When we negotiate your claim we will seek to cover all aspects of expenses and losses such as:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Accommodation and travel costs
  • Care, even if received for free from a loved one
  • Costs relating to medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, surgery and medication
  • Any impact caused to your social life such as no longer being able to play sports or take part in your hobbies
  • Any other impact you or your family have suffered due to the accident and injury

Unfortunately, in the initial stages of your claim, we cannot give you a figure for your final settlement, however, when beginning negotiation your solicitor can tell you what to expect after considering all aspects of your claim.

Even though we cannot tell you exactly how much you will receive now you can always try our claims compensation calculator, you can gain a rough figure based on the basic information you provide just so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

What Are The Typical Payouts of Burn Injury Compensation Claims?

Below is a list of roughly estimated amounts of compensation you could receive.

 Or alternatively if you would like to get an accurate estimated figure then try our injury claims compensation calculator and find out how much you could receive.

Minor Burn Injury

Minor burns and scolds to the body that only affects a small area – £1,000 to £2,989

Moderate Burn Injury

Moderate burn can range from small area exposed to a medium area; however, burns may leave prominent scarring – £2,898 to £19,250

Severe Burn Injury

Severe burns usually 3rd degree – £19,250 to £79,500

Minor Scarring

Visible scar or several small scars only just noticeable – £1,750 to £5,700

Visible Scarring

Noticeable scar that is within the area of the back, leg or arm – £5,700 to £16,550

Scarring Due To Thermal Or Non-Thermal Heat Or Chemical

The compensation amount will vary depending upon the severity of the injury and the consequential effects.

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