If you have suffered a head or brain injury we can help get you the compensation you deserve

If you have sustained a head or brain injury not only will the event be traumatic but it could lead to life-changing consequences, not just for you but for your loved ones also. Injuries of this nature can often leave you requiring 24-hour care and special equipment to help in your daily life.

Although there are no exact characteristics a head or brain injury will have, we know that they are frequently serious, something as “minor” as a concussion can potentially change someone’s life drastically. In some of the more severe accidents/injuries, a head injury can even be fatal.

If you or your loved one (if you are reading on behalf of someone else) has sustained a head or brain injury from an accident that happened in the last 3 years that wasn’t your/their fault, then we could be able to help you, not only to get the apology you need but get the compensation you deserve as well.

If you’re unsure or don’t think your injury is serious then we can still help you. If you have been injured due to an accident that wasn’t your fault then we feel that you deserve to be compensated for the physical, emotional and financial impact it has caused.

To find out more about how we can help you or your loved one then contact our team on 08000 250 250. We will talk to you on a confidential basis and provide you with all the help and support you need.

How do I know if my head or brain injury is serious?

If an injury has had a significant impact on your day-to-day life and will impact your future way of life, then the term serious injury would be used to describe it. A serious injury can also be known to affect the lives and routines of our loved ones due to the need for care and support from them for your injury.

It can be difficult to know whether your or your loved one’s injury would be classed as a serious injury. However, it is usually advised that if your experience matches any of the below it is highly probable that you have sustained a serious injury and may need financial support to assist your requirements for the future:

  • A large period of time off work has been taken or you’re unable to go back to work at all
  • Your capacity at work has been affected, meaning you cannot return to the same role or hours
  • You can no longer continue your hobbies/activities in your spare time
  • You have had long-term, ongoing or repeated hospital treatments
  • Care or support has been required, even if it has been free from a loved one

If you’re unsure about any of the above and would like to discuss your experiences with an expert then contact our legal advice team today on 08000 250 250, we can tell you in minutes if you have a serious injury claim or not.

What types of head and brain injuries are there?

Due to there being a range of ways ahead and/or brain injury can because e.g. accident at work, road traffic accident, medical negligence, there are a variety of different injuries someone could sustain including:

Open-Head Injuries

This is one of the only examples that are diagnosable straight away, usually, the person who has sustained the injury would have been hit on their head violently or their skull has been pierced by an object.


This is the more common type of head and brain injury, usually caused when someone has had a “bump” on their head, leaving the person unconscious for a period of time or feeling confused and dizzy as an instant result. Symptoms can then develop over time including:

  • Ongoing headaches
  • Confusion, forgetfulness and feeling disorientated
  • Loss of memory, often short term memory
  • Unconsciousness, including over a long period of time
  • Developing problems with vision
  • Difficulty speaking or slurring words
  • Dizziness and balance issues

The above symptoms are also relatable to other serious injuries such as subdural haematoma and subarachnoid haemorrhage, therefore, sufferers of concussions will often find themselves visit the hospital and may be admitted for a few days so they can be medically monitored.
Concussion themselves may be made worse depending upon the sufferer for example if the person has been drinking alcohol, taking drugs, elderly or if they take medication to thin their blood.

Subdural haematoma

This is a condition in which blood collects outside the brain, this is condition can be life-threatening due to the bleeding and increased pressure on the brain.
Symptoms can show sign straight away or can develop over weeks and include feeling sick, confusion and getting headaches.

Subarachnoid haemorrhage

This is when bleeding occurs in the area of the brain where the cerebrospinal fluid circulates. Luckily, this condition is not very common, but unfortunately, symptoms can happen instantly with no prior warning signs. Symptoms include blurred vision, feeling sick or severe headaches and can result in the sufferer having a stroke.

Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI)

This injury is fairly common and it’s among the most fatal types of brain injury. In a mild case, a diffuse axonal injury can cause a concussion. More commonly, people become severely impaired/disabled. Sufferers who regain consciousness will usually require supportive care. Improvements in this condition are usually seen within the first year, although therapy and treatment should still be continued after this.

If you have suffered a head and brain injury that isn’t listed then we could still help, contact our legal advice team today on 08000 250 250 to find out how.

Why Should I Claim Compensation For Head And Brain Injury?

We understand that you may not want to claim compensation as due to concerns of added stress, not knowing your rights or the process or the financial aspect of making a claim when funds may already be low due to time off work. But here at Direct Solicitors, we feel you deserve to access your rights without additional stress or financial worry, that’s why we are with you every step of the way and can take your claim on under a No Win No Fee basis.

Although compensation cannot be changed what has already happened it can go along way towards helping you find normality within the changes that have happened in your life.

We have successfully claimed compensation for sufferers of serious head and brain injuries and found it has helped by covering the costs of lost wages, buying equipment require to ease day-to-day living and pay for medical treatment.

Everyone’s circumstance is different and therefore, each sufferer’s life is impacted in different ways, to find out more about how we can help you contact our legal advice team today on 08000 250 250. All our chats are confidential and under no-obligation, so you never have to worry about feeling pressured to make a claim. However, we can advise if you have a claim and get the ball rolling today if you are ready.

How to Start a Head and Brain Injury Compensation Claim?

Taking the first step to make a claim for a head and brain injury starts by giving our legal advice team a call. We can provide you with free advice and support ensure you’re aware of your options. When you contact our team we will speak with you on a confidential, no-obligation basis so you will never be pressured into making a claim. However, if you do decide you want to proceed we can get everything set up in a quick phone call and inform you of the entire process and what the next steps will be once your case is assigned to one of our experienced solicitors.

If I do claim can some of my treatment costs be covered straight away?

In a large number of cases, after being discharged from the hospital, you may need further treatment such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy to assist with your recovery including help with coordination, weakness and to ensure the correct changes are made to your home.

Coping with a head and brain injury can be emotionally challenging and often sufferers find their mental well-being affected, if this is also relatable then it could be the case that psychological therapy is also required.

When considering your compensation amount, our solicitors will take all costs into account and include them when negotiating your settlement to try and cover all expenses.

Our solicitor will also, if possible, obtain with an interim payment, based upon your immediate needs, to be made before the full and final compensation amount is paid. Therefore, allowing you to begin the changes you and your loved ones need in order to aid recovery and live as comfortably as possible.

To find out more about immediate needs and interim payments contact our legal advice team today.

I want to claim on my loved one’s behalf.

Unfortunately, some head and brain injuries can leave the sufferer dependant on their family and friends, therefore, if you’re reading this on someone else behalf then we can help you and your loved one.

Contact our legally trained advisors today on 08000 250 250, we can speak with you regarding the person who has been injured and guides you regarding how to make a claim and help you get to know your loved one’s rights.

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