What are serious injuries?

A serious injury can lead to devastating impacts on not only the sufferer’s life but on their loved ones as well. Usually, serious injuries are those that are more severe in nature in comparison to the more common types of accident injuries; therefore, the results can be life-changing and reduce the quality of the sufferer’s life. A serious injury can happen anywhere by any means but it will always have long-lasting impacts.

We understand that being injured is a traumatic, life-altering experience no matter the cause or how severe the injuries are.

Majority of people who have sustained a serious injury have found themselves becoming dependant on their loved ones, taking long periods of time off work and requiring rehabilitation etc. Due to this the impact of a serious injury is not just your physical injuries but can also cause financial strains and changes to your mental well-being. This is where compensation can help you rebuild your life after sustaining a serious injury from an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Along with claiming compensation for your injuries you could also look to recover any lost earnings, costs for medication, medical treatment and rehabilitation, care and adaptations amongst other things.

If you are unsure if your injury is considered as a serious injury or would like to find out more about claiming for a serious injury and what you could be entitled to claim for then contact our legally trained team of advisors today on 08000 250 250 or complete the call back form and we’ll contact you.

What injuries are serious injuries?

A serious injury can be caused in different ways, by different types of accidents. Every person’s body is different and therefore, there is no set list of what is or isn’t serious when it comes to injuries. However, common types of serious injuries can include:

The above list may not include anything relevant to your experiences and if it doesn’t don’t worry, we could still help. If you are unsure whether you have suffered a serious injury then the below may help, if at least one applies to your experiences then you may have suffered a serious injury:

  • You are still undergoing treatment or the treatment you had was lengthy
  • You have had to attend long, repeated or ongoing hospital appointments due to your injury
  • You have took a significant amount of time off work

Our legal advice team are on hand to help you with all your queries, so if you’re ready to talk about what has happened then contact us today and find out how we can help you. Our tailored advice is provided on a no-obligation basis, so you don’t have to worry about any pressure to claim.

What is the process of serious injury claim?

Taking the first step to make a claim for a serious injury starts by giving our legal advice team a call. We can provide you with free advice and support ensure you’re aware of your options.

When you contact our team we will speak with you on a confidential, no-obligation basis so you will never be pressured into making a claim. However, if you do decide you want to proceed we can get everything set up in a quick phone call and inform you of the entire process and what the next steps will be once your case is assigned to one of our experienced solicitors.

How to claim accident compensation for a serious injury?

You can determine the easiest way for you to get in touch with us. You can contact us via phone, through email or by filling in your details on our request a callback form. We shall then obtain relevant information from you to get your claim started. Once we have obtained a signed copy of our terms and conditions from you, we will begin to work on your claim straight away. The information we will have gathered from you is then presented to the defendant’s insurance company as early as possible.

How Do I Know If I Can Make A Serious Injury Claim?

If you want to find out if you are eligible to make a claim then contact our legal advice team today, we can tell you in minutes if you have a claim and after finding out about your experiences, we can provide you with tailored legal advice and guide you regarding all your options and rights.

However, we understand that you may not feel ready to talk about your experiences as of yet, and therefore, we can advise, as long as you can answer yes to all three of the following, you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation:

  • Did your accident happen in the last 3 years?
  • Did you suffer your serious injury due to the accident?
  • Was the accident caused by someone else?

I want to make a claim on someone else’s behalf

At Direct Solicitors, we know that many serious injuries can have severe impacts and therefore, you may be reading this on your loved one’s behalf. If this is the case and you are looking to make a claim on their behalf or they’re simply not ready to speak yet and you want to find out their options, then we can help.

If you are looking to make a claim because an accident has left your loved one unable to act on their own behalf e.g. they have a head or brain injury or if the person you want to claim for is under the age of 18, then our legally trained team are here to help, in one quick call we can get everything set up and tell you everything you need to know.

Contact our team today and we can provide you with the advice, support and guidance you need on a confidential, free, no-obligation basis.

How much compensation could I receive?

Every case has its individual circumstances; therefore, there is no set amount, unfortunately meaning we cannot tell you how much you will receive at this stage. However, our claims compensation calculator can give you an estimate so you can have a bit of a guideline.

While we understand compensation cannot rewrite what has happened, it can help you get back on the right track by easing additional stresses such as paying bills when out of work, supporting your family and paying additional expenses caused as a result of your injury.

Our solicitors have years of experience and have helped thousands of sufferers claim the compensation they deserve for their serious injury. When claiming on your behalf, we will take into account all expenses that have been caused due to your injury including:

  • Loss and future loss of income
  • Effects the injury has had on your work e.g. an impact on progression
  • Employability, if your capacity has changed and you now have a lack of future job opportunities
  • Costs for adaptations e.g. in your home or vehicle
  • Care and/or support you have received, even if it was from a loved one
  • Loss of amenity e.g. hobbies and activities that have been affected

Trying to adjust can be difficult and every aspect of your life can be changed, if you want to discuss the circumstances of your claim then contact our legal advice team today to find out how Direct Solicitors can help you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

How is my compensation worked out?

Your compensation will be calculated in three categories:

General damages:

This is the amount of compensation you get to cover your “pain, suffering and loss of amenity”.

This part of your compensation will be based on any reduction on your physical, mental and/or financial capability.

Special damages:

Including replacing loss of earnings, cost of transport of equipment and transport you may have required. This part of your compensation looks to help repay you for the expenses your injury has caused.

Immediate needs:

Immediate needs are assessed and are based upon how to make your life easier and lessen the financial impact of your injury including:

Home and transport

When serious injuries are sustained, it can take some time before you can drive again and in some cases even walk. Due to this, when assessing your immediate needs, the specialist will try to estimate the financial impact of travel to and from the hospital and on your daily life.

As well as assessing the travel aspect, the assessor will also consider any adaptations that may be required in your home to ensure accessibility due to your injuries after your accident e.g. fitting a bathroom and bedroom downstairs.

We feel it isn’t fair for you to have to wait until your compensation is paid before you can make these types of changes to aid your recovery, that’s why our solicitor will ensure they will do everything they can to try to get you everything you require to begin a smoother road to recovery.

Rehabilitation, treatment and care

Your health is the number one priority and we want to ensure you recover a much as possible so you can begin to regain your life back. Therefore, it is important to assess the rehabilitation and care needs you will need in the time following your accident until you receive your compensation.

Aids and equipment

It is important you can get around as freely as possible, so when assessing any aids or equipment you may need we will consider every part of your life and how it has been affected by the injury. Aids and equipment can include things like wheelchairs, mobility scooters, stair lifts etc.

Is There A Time Limit Of When I Have To Make My Serious Injury Claim?

There is a standard rule of three years to proceed with a personal compensation claim; if three years from the date of your accident has lapsed, then you will be “time-barred” by statute and no longer eligible to claim.

However, there are exceptions:

  • If you were under 18 when your accident happened, then the three-year rule will only apply when you turn 18; therefore, you have until the age of 21 to make a claim for your personal compensation
  • If you are claiming on behalf of someone with a mental disability, then the 3 year limitation period will only begin when they have regained their mental capacity

If you would like to find out more about claiming and limitations on making a claim then contact our legally trained advice team today on 08000 250 250.

Advice and support on serious injury claims

If you are dealing with the loss of someone close to you we here to provide you with the legal advice you need. If you’re unsure and you have a claim, not sure if you want to claim or know you want to proceed, contact our team.

Our legal advice team is fully trained and experienced to deal with your call, with their experience they can appreciate how difficult this time is and how hard it may be to speak about the situation and the loss of your loved one.

We can take the basic information at this stage, so don’t worry too much about finding all the finer details, the information we do take can help us help you with your case and find out what you want to do.

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