Knowing if you can claim for your groin injury

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We understand, when it is your first time making a claim you may feel the process is complex and lengthy, however, we pride ourselves on making everything as simple as possible for you and find out if your eligible to make a claim couldn’t be easier.

We can advise that if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault in the last 3 years and as a result, you have sustained an injury then you could be eligible for compensation.

However, we understand it is not always easy to work out who is at fault for your accident, therefore, contacting our team could help, our legal advice team will ask you about your experiences and injury, this way we can provide you tailored legal advice to suit your needs.

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How do I know if someone else was a fault?

If you are unsure who is responsible for your accident then the easiest way to find out is to contact our legally trained advisors, due to every accident having its own unique circumstances we, unfortunately, cannot provide a checklist. Therefore, discussing your experiences with our team on a free, confidential, no-obligation basis would be the quickest way to find out if you have a claim.

Contacting our team couldn’t be easier, either call us on 08000 250 250 or fill out our online form and we can call you at a time that suits you.

However, we understand being injured in an accident is a traumatic time and you may not feel ready to speak about your experiences, therefore, we have linked some other pages which may help you until you feel ready to contact us:

What is a groin injury?

An injury sustained between your abdomen and upper thigh is classed as a groin injury. Your groin is made up of 5 adductor muscles which go up to your inner thigh to your pelvis.

These muscles allow you to move your legs, meaning damage to them can sometimes lead to difficulty walking, running or even bending your legs.

Groin injuries are assessed in 3 different gradings based on the severity of the injury:

Grade 1

Known as “nominal”, this is discomfort with minimal disruption to your mobility and daily activities.

Grade 2

Known as “moderate”, this has an impact on your activities e.g. running and jumping and impacts your daily activities.

Grade 3

This is “severe”, this can result in bruising or swelling and causes pain when walking, running and often results in the requirement of surgery.

Groin injuries are commonly known to cause symptoms of:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Popping noises
  • Snapping sensation
  • Bruising

Suffering due to someone else’s negligence is something no one deserves, that’s why if you have suffered a groin injury from an accident that wasn’t your fault you could be entitled to make a claim.


Hernias develop over time and often are due caused as a result of heavy lifting at work. Due to the time, it takes for a hernia to develop you may not be aware you have been injured straight away.

Due to this, you may still be able to claim despite the usual 3-year limitation rule. Once you have been diagnosed you have three years to claim your compensation, as long as the injury is as a result of someone else negligence.

Hernias often result in a requirement of surgery and have 2 different types:

  • Femoral hernia – this begins as swelling in the groin and is usually symptomless until they become “stuck”. After they have become “stuck” they can be very painful and may require surgery straight away.
  • Inguinal hernia – usually this type increases in size and will worsen if left untreated.

My groin injury isn’t my only injury/multiple injury claims

Suffering from a groin injury is painful enough but if you are suffering from more than one injury then your recovery time may be longer and your recovery more difficult.

Due to the location of the groin and the ways in which injuries are sustained to the area it is common for you to have more than one injury as a result of the accident. For example, when overstretching your groin due to an impact it can cause damage to ligaments or tendons which can injure your stomach muscles, hamstring or thighs.

If you want to discuss more about claiming for more than one injury sustained in the same accident then contact our legally trained advice team today, we will ask you a few questions to find out more about your experiences and injuries so we can provide you with tailored advice and support.

Making a claim for more than one injury means we would look at all pain and suffering caused by the accident and consider all effects caused when negotiating your compensation amount.

How Much Compensation Would I Get If I Made A Groin Injury Claim?

Along with the pain, suffering and restricted mobility that is associated with groin injuries there are also additional factors which you may be facing as a result of your injuries such as additional injuries sustained or time taken off work for recovery.

It is not uncommon for groin injury sufferers to take time off work for recovery purposes as these types of injuries can affect even the smallest of tasks that we usually take for granted such as driving, walking, lifting or even just bending your leg.

We feel it is unfair to have to suffer from the pain and reduced mobility without the support you need, especially when your injury is due to the fault of another person. This is why we are here to help.

Claiming compensation can ease some of the pressures your injury has caused, leaving you to focus on what’s most important, your recovery. At Direct Solicitors, we will aim to cover all aspects of your life that have been impacted by your accident and injury including:

  • Your loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings/change in career prospects
  • Impacts on your working life (changes to your abilities)
  • Any care or support you have received, even if it is from family members
  • If you have to have any adaptations
  • Medical treatment/care or medication you have had to pay for
  • Travel costs
  • Or any other financial impacts made such as the inability to pay a mortgage whilst unable to earn.

Claiming compensation and getting the help and support you need shouldn’t create added stress, that’s why we have made the process as simple and easy as possible. Our experienced legal team will tell you all you need to know without the unnecessary legal terminology, so you know exactly what to expect.

What Are The Estimated Amounts Of Groin Injury Claims Compensation?

Find a list of roughly estimated compensation amounts below.

If you want to find out a rough estimation for your injury that isn’t mentioned here then use our personal injury compensation calculator.

Male Groin Injury

Depending on the severity and the result of the injury, this includes incapacity – £4,350 to £92,000

Female Groin Injury

Depending on the severity of the damage and the effects which includes infertility – £4,350 to £111,000

The Projected Loss Of Earnings

This estimated compensation amount awarded depending on how an injury severely impacts a person’s capacity to work – £11,000 to £440,000

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