Claiming compensation for a leg injury and how we can help

After sustaining an injury it is expected for you to be feeling anxious and alone and recovering from an injury can often leave you dependant on those around you.

Leg injuries can often affect your ability to walk, lift heavy items and drive, therefore, we understand it is likely you have had to take some time off work whilst you recover from your injuries.

Whilst having to focus on your recovery you don’t deserve to have the added stress of financial worries, so if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence then we could help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Time off work means no or reduced wages which can lead to unpaid bills and struggling to support your dependents, such as children. Then there are the additional expenses that your injury has caused such as treatment costs, travel expenses, adaptations to your home or vehicle. Whilst we know money cannot take away your injury we have seen the difference it has made to the thousands of clients we have helped, not only could it help cover lost earning but we will also look to cover additional costs that have arisen due to your injury, meaning you can focus on recovery instead of worrying about your finances.

If you would like to discuss more about making a claim and how we can help you, then contact our legally trained advice team today on 08000 250 250.

What are the causes of leg injuries?

Your leg/s can be injured in many different ways, but as long as the accident wasn’t your fault and happened in the last three years then you could be eligible to claim compensation, complete our online form and find out if we can help you.

Although there are many different ways in which your leg can be injured, we have listed some of the most common ways below (all of which are linked to help you further if the accident type relates to your circumstances):

We understand being in an accident that wasn’t your fault and sustaining an injury such as a leg injury can be a traumatic time, therefore, we can offer you advice, support and guidance with no-obligation, on a free, confidential basis.

What are the types of leg injuries I can claim for?

There are various ways in which a leg can be injured. However, any type of leg injury can result in a similar effect of having difficulties carrying out your usual daily tasks.

Your legs are formed with three main bones along with muscles, tendons (connects muscle to bone) and ligaments (connects bone to bone) in two sections.

Lower Leg

Two bones, the Tibia, which is your shin and the Fibula along with your calf muscle and Achilles Tendon form your lower leg.

Upper Leg

Formed with the Femur or Femoral bone along with muscles called quadriceps (located at the front of the thigh) and hamstrings (located at the back of the thigh).

Although there are various ways in which a leg can be injured, below are some of the most common:

Strains And Sprains

A sprain in your leg is when your ligament is stretched or torn. More commonly found in the ankle area, however, sprains can also occur in the knee.

A leg strain is when your muscle or tendon is stretched or torn, these often occur in the hamstring.

Both strains and sprains are painful and can result in an inability to walk properly or drive for several weeks following the accident. In some more severe cases, recovery and regaining mobility may take months and could require surgery.

Fractured Or Broken Bones

Usually resulting in you requiring crutches and needing your leg in a cast, breaking your leg can not only be very painful but can impact on your ability to walk, drive and even work.

There are different ways in which a bone can be fractured or broken, for more information click here.

Leg fractures or breaks can take 6 months to recover from and may require surgery.


If you have had to undergo a leg amputation then we are deeply sorry as we appreciate how much of a life-changing and difficult time this will be for you and your loved ones.

Leg amputations may result in a requirement to make adaptations to your home, the way you travel and force you into changing your routines. We understand this can all add up and with the additional costs as well as having time off work or having to leave your job, the financial pressure may be overwhelming.

Compensation can help pay for equipment, adaptations, treatment, medication etc. helping you gain the help and support you need to regain your dependence.

How much compensation could I receive?

Every case is assessed on an individual basis due to each case having its unique circumstances. This is to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

To gain an idea of how much compensation you may be entitled to try our claims compensation calculator.

Leg injuries can be severe, not only affecting you but also affecting your loved ones. Therefore, we understand leg injuries can affect many aspects of your life, family’s life and finances.

When claiming your compensation we will assess how much you will be entitled to considering the impacts on your work and personal life as well as the pain and suffering caused by the injury sustained including:

  • The pain sustained due to your injury
  • The impact the injury has had on your life
  • Any loss of earnings you may have had due to time off work due to the injury
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Any medical expenses including treatment and medication
  • Care received, even if given free e.g. by a family member
  • Adaptations made to your home and/or vehicle

If your leg injury has created an additional cost/expense that isn’t listed, then you can discuss this with our legal advice team and it can also be considered when making your claim.

I Want To Start My Leg Injury Claim, Where Do I Start?

At Direct Solicitors we like to make everything as simple and easy as possible, that’s why you can get the ball rolling in one quick call, just get in touch with our legal advice team on 08000 250 250 and we will go through everything with you.

We like to ensure that you understand the entire process of the claim and what we do on your behalf, this way you can feel at ease knowing what will happen, as we understand making a claim can feel like a stressful situation.

Once you have spoken with one of our legal advice team about your experiences and injuries we will tell you whether we think you are eligible to make a claim on a no-obligation basis.

If you are eligible and you wish to proceed, then we can get your claim set up in one quick step and start working on a No Win No Fee basis.

What Are The Typical Leg Injury Compensation Payouts?

Below is a list of roughly estimated compensation amounts you could receive.

Using our personal injury claims compensation calculator can provide you with an accurate estimate of your injuries.

Minor Leg Injury 

Injury including soft tissue damage or a broken leg, the compensation amount depends on on-going symptoms along with your recovery time – £1,850 to £19,500

Serious Leg Injury

Damage to leg with long-standing/permanent effects, but no amputation required – £21,000 to £103,000

Severe Leg Injury

Requires amputation of one or both legs. Compensation amounts depend on whether the amputation was done above or below the knee – £74,500 to £214,000

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