Making a pelvic and hip injury claim

The pelvis and hips are essential parts of your body helping with balance and supporting the upper-body. Therefore, any injury to the hip or pelvis can result in you being unable to walk and restricting mobility causing you to struggle with your daily routines and tasks.

Pelvis and hip injuries can be caused in various ways but whatever the cause of your injury, if it was caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault and happened in the last three years you should be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

We understand that sometimes it isn’t easy knowing who is at fault and if you are unsure who is to blame for your injury then get in touch with our legally trained advisors today and we can tell you in minutes if we think you have a claim.

We can provide you with the advice, guidance and support you need without any pressure into making a claim. It is important to us that you make an informed decision and our team will ask you about your experiences in order to give you tailored advice.

We know compensation cannot take away what has happened, but it can help towards regaining stability back during your recovery helping you look towards the future by helping cover the cost of additional expenses caused as a result of your injury.

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How would claiming compensation help me?

Along with the pain, suffering and restricted mobility that is associated with pelvic and hip injuries there are also additional factors which you may be facing as a result of your injury such as time take off work for recovery or having to completely leave your job.

Whilst recovering, due to time off work and additional costs and expenses related to your injury, managing your finances may become a struggle and cause added stress.

We at Direct Solicitors feel this is unfair and therefore, when claiming your compensation we don’t just consider the physical pain suffered; we look to cover all aspects of your life that have been impacted by your injury including:

  • Loss of earnings/bonus
  • Future loss of earnings – if you are unable to return to work or have to return to reduced hours
  • Costs of medical treatment or rehabilitation
  • Adaptations to your home and/or vehicle
  • Impacts on your hobbies and spare time activities
  • Costs of covering repeat prescriptions
  • Care received – even if provided by a loved one
  • Additional costs – e.g. travel expenses

If your pelvis and/or hip injury has created an additional cost/expense that isn’t listed, then you can discuss this with our legal advice team and it can also be considered when making your claim.

Financial stress is something you don’t deserve to deal with whilst recovering from a pelvis and/or hip injury, especially when your injury has been sustained through no fault of your own. Therefore, we will consider all the above when negotiating your compensation amount with the other side to try to cover all losses and costs/expenses you and your family have had due to the accident and injury.

What are the causes of pelvic and hip injuries?

Due to receiving constant everyday use, pelvis and hip injuries are very common and can be caused in a various amount of ways. If your hip injury was as a result of an accident that was not your fault then you could claim compensation, if you’re unsure then contact our legally trained team of advisors today and we can tell you in minutes if we think you have a claim.

A pelvis and/or hip injury can be sustained in different types of accidents including:

Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

Often caused as a result of an unexpected impact, hip injuries can be sustained by any type of road user.

If you were a driver, passenger, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian and you sustained a hip injury due to an impact on your joint and bones from an accident that was not your fault, then you could be eligible to claim, even if the accident was due to poor maintenance of the roads.

Slip, Trip Or Fall

Local councils or businesses must follow the relevant safety procedures to ensure you and other members of the public are safe e.g. ensuring any hazards are marked/cleaned up e.g. signposting wet floors and cleaning any spillages up as quickly as possible.

If you have been injured due to these regulations not being properly implemented then contact us now to find out how we can help.

Accident At Work

Heavy lifting and repeated strenuous movements are often the cause of hip injuries sustained at work as these types of movements can place the hip joint under stress resulting in pain and greater injuries.

It is the duty of your employer to ensure your safety at work, although it may be easy to blame yourself if you haven’t been provided with the correct training, protective equipment or aids then your employer could be at fault and you could be eligible to make a personal compensation claim.

Medical Negligence

The main type of medical negligence claim for a hip injury is due to a hip replacement going wrong.

There are various reasons as to why your hip replacement may have gone wrong, whatever the reason if you have been left with complications or pain due to a medical mistake being made by your nurse, doctor or surgeon then you could be entitled to make a claim.

What are the different types of pelvic and hip injuries?

The pelvis and hip area are complex parts of the body consisting of the hip joint, hip bone, sacrum, tailbone, muscles, tendons and ligaments; if you are to damage any of these, then the pain can be severe and long-lasting.

Although there are various ways in which a hip can be injured, below we have listed some examples:


This is a painful condition caused due to damage in and around your joints. Unfortunately, this condition will never fully heal. Pain stiffness and swelling are included in the symptoms.

Commonly known to be caused in the workplace, if your job role required repeated actions and/or movements in your joints over time this will have become strenuous and may have caused substantial damage.

If your osteoarthritis has developed as a result of your work then you could be entitled to make a personal compensation claim, get in touch with our legal advice team today and find out how we could help you claim the compensation you deserve on a No Win No Fee basis.

Fractured Pelvis

This is a break in the bone structure of the pelvis area and can be a very severe type of injury usually resulting in the requirement of physiotherapy and sometimes even surgery.

In some severe cases, pelvis fractures can even result in damage to internal organs and internal bleeding.


Often caused by a sudden jolt e.g. as a result of a road traffic accident.

The jolt or impact can result in the joint coming out of its socket. Hospital treatment is usually required for this type of injury to put the joint back into place.

Also once a joint has been dislocated, it is at a higher risk of becoming dislocated again.

Damaging Muscles And/Or Ligaments

Classed as a strain this is when the hip muscle or ligament has been torn, often as a result of a sudden impact to the hip or overstretching the joint causing pain, swelling, difficulty walking and stiffness.

Hip Bursitis

This is when the bursa (the sack of liquid between the pelvis and leg) is damaged and becomes inflamed and causes pain when the leg is moved due to friction.

The majority of the time this type of injury can heal itself in a few weeks but during this time the sufferer will have restricted mobility and feel very uncomfortable.

Defective Hip Replacement

When deciding to have a hip replacement procedure, you expect the end result to make your life easier. However, if you have had a defective hip replacement fitted, then you may have to undergo further surgery to remove the faulty implant.

In August 2010 DePuy Orthopaedics recalled two hip replacement units:

  • ASR XL Acetabular System
  • ASR Hip Resurfacing System

The units had design flaws which caused injuries and put your health at risk e.g. metal releasing in the bloodstreams and causing tumours and replacements causing fractures or dislocations.

If you have sustained an injury or had to undergo a second surgery due to a defective hip replacement, then we could help you. Contact our legal advice team today on 08000 250 250 or fill in our online form and we will call you.

Starting your pelvis and hip injury claim

Contacting our legal advice team can go along the way to helping you, not only find out about your eligibility but getting the ball rolling as well.

At Direct Solicitors we like to make everything as simple and easy as possible, that’s why you can get the ball rolling in one quick call, just get in touch with our legal advice team on 08000 250 250 and we will go through everything with you.

We like to ensure you understand the entire process of the claim and what we do on your behalf, this way you can feel at ease knowing what will happen, as we understand making a claim can feel like a stressful situation.

We will ask you for information regarding your experiences and injuries to ensure we can provide you with the best service possible and tailor all our advice to suit you and your needs. Everything we discuss is on a confidential basis and because we are a solicitors practice, any details you provide will go no further.

When we have permission to pursue your claim, we will set up a file and assign your case to one of our specialist solicitors, all of our solicitors are experienced and have a proven success rate so you can have peace of mind knowing that your compensation claim is with some of the best solicitors in the UK.

Once your claim has been assigned, your solicitor will be in contact to go over all the details and processes that will be followed in detail just to ensure you are kept up-to-date.

What Are The Estimated Hip/Pelvis Injury Compensation Payouts?

Here are some rough figures to give you an idea of how much compensation you could receive for your suffering.

If you have suffered an injury that isn’t listed here then we could still help you. Or alternatively you can use our personal injury calculator to find out the rough estimation of your injury/illness claim. 

Minor Hip Injury

Fully recovered within two years – £3,250 to £9,500

Hip Replacement

An injury that leads to hip surgery but no severe incapacity – £9,500 to £30,000

Severe Hip Injury 

Multiple fractures that may lead to disability, bowel damage, impaired walking ability, etc. – £30,000 to £100,000

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