New Lease For Landlords

If you or your business is letting out a commercial property, a solicitor is highly recommended to manage documentation and agree on tenancy terms on your behalf.

Here is some helpful guidance to aid in your choice of a legal professional.

What Is Meant By Leaseholder Agreement?

A leaseholder agreement is a contract that is signed by both the tenant and landowner when a property is leased. The contract describes the terms of the lease in detail, assuring that both parties know their commitments and responsibilities.

What Points Should Be Included In A Leaseholder Agreement?

When a landlord is seeking to draw up a new leaseholder agreement, there are some points and conditions that need to be included. Terms of use, terms of the rent payment and the termination process are standard characteristics of leaseholder agreements.

How Can Legal Representation Help?

A legal specialist will guide you on what should be included in a leaseholder agreement before it is delivered to a tenant’s representative to approve. They can also liaise with the representatives of the tenant if necessary, as well as taking further action if the terms of the contract are broken at any point.

How Should I Choose A Legal Expert?

You should choose a solicitor with significant experience in the leasing of property for commercial purposes. It is also worth knowing the reputation and cost of a firm before making your decision.

What Happens If A Tenant Breaks The Agreement?

If a tenant breaks the terms of a leaseholder agreement, then you should seek assistance from your solicitor directly. You may be able to fix issues through the use of mediation or other conflict resolution processes. If mediation fails, then court proceedings may be needed.

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