New Lease For Tenants

If your business is leasing a commercial property from a landowner, a solicitor is highly recommended to manage the paper work and agree on tenancy terms on your behalf.

Following is some important guidelines to help you with your choice of a legal expert.

What Is Meant By Leaseholder Agreement?

A leaseholder agreement is a form of contract to be signed by both the tenant and landowner when a property is leased from one party to another. The agreement sets out the terms of the lease so that both parties are informed of their responsibilities.

What Are My Obligations Under A Leaseholder Agreement?

Under a leaseholder agreement, you will be legally liable to pay for the continuation of your lease at the agreed amount and time every month. You will also be required to keep the property maintained to a specific standard during your tenancy.

What If I Disagree With The Contents Of The Agreement?

If you are presented with a leaseholder agreement to sign that you find to be unfair, then you should consult a legal specialist. A solicitor will guide you on whether the landowner has the right to make such demands and can help negotiate better terms.

How Should I Choose A Solicitor?

If you need legal expertise to support you with the handling of a leaseholder contract, then you should look for a solicitor with an up-to-date knowledge and proven experience. It is also worth knowing the reputation and cost of a firm before making your decision.

How Will A Solicitor Charge Me?

Solicitors are expected to offer you a fixed fee amenity for managing leaseholder agreements.

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