Have you had a slip, trip or fall?

A slip, trip or fall can be painful and could lead to serious injuries. Unfortunately, they are very common and can happen at any time, anywhere.

You have the right to feel safe when walking in a public place e.g. on pavements/footpaths, in supermarkets, bars etc.

A slip, trip or fall can feel very unfair leaving it difficult to accept, especially when it is due to health and safety laws not being followed correctly.

You don’t deserve to be injured through someone else’s negligence or lack of action; therefore, you don’t deserve to be left out of pocket as a result. So, if you have had an accident in the last three years that wasn’t your fault, you could be eligible to claim.

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What is classed as a slip, trip or fall?

Whilst there are many ways a slip, trip or fall can happen the more commonly known causes are:

  • Uneven flooring/pavements
  • Wet floors
  • Cracked pavements/footpaths
  • Tripping over wires, boxes or litter
  • Poor lighting

The above are a few examples and there are many more ways your slip, trip or fall could have happened, so if what happened to you isn’t listed then it doesn’t mean we cannot help, call our legal advice team today on 08000 250 250 and we can tell you in minutes if you have a claim or not.

How do I know who is at fault for my accident?

Most slips, trips or falls happen due to local councils or businesses not following the relevant safety procedures to ensure you and other members of the public are safe.

If your slip, trip or fall was due to the public pavement, steps or a walkway then it would be the responsibility of the local council to maintain them.

Supermarkets, shops, restaurants and pubs owe you a duty of care and have a responsibility to keep you safe also. They have to ensure any hazards are clearly marked/cleaned up e.g. signposting wet floors, cleaning any spillages up from the floor as quickly as possible.

To find out more about who is liable for your accident then get in touch with our legally trained advisor today, we will gain details of what has happened and tell you in one quick phone call if you have a claim and who is at fault.

If you have slipped, tripped or had a fall in place of business.

Whilst in the premises of a business they owe you a duty of care, meaning they must ensure you and their staff are in a safe environment. This means taking safety measures such as clearly marking a hazard and making sure there are no obstacles in pathways, corridors, aisles etc.

There are, however, exceptions to this meaning, even if a hazard has been highlighted, you may still be eligible to make a claim. For example, if a wet floor sign has been placed in order to highlight a hazard but the spillage is overflowing the area of the sign or has been there for too long then the business owner has not properly reduced the risk and you may still be eligible to make a claim.

Were you at work when you had your slip, trip or fall?

Making a claim for compensation for an accident at work may seem worrying as your fear the outcome will be a loss of your job, but this isn’t the case.

If you have had a slip, trip or fall at work and want to make a claim against your employer or even if you have had any other type of work accident, then you will be protected via UK law. Dismissing or treating you differently for making a personal compensation claim for an accident at work is illegal and therefore, if this were to happen, you would be able to take legal action against them.

You won’t have to worry about your employer being left out of pocket either, all employers have to take out “employer’s liability insurance” to cover things like compensation claims such as this. Therefore, any compensation claimed would be paid against the insurance company.

Slips trip or falls in rented accommodation

It is the duty of the person, company or authority in charge of the place you were injured to ensure they take the adequate care or draw your attention to a hazard to prevent your injury from occurring.

Therefore, if you live in a rented property, then it is the duty of your landlord, housing association or council to ensure the accommodation is properly maintained. Meaning any malfunctions or dangers in your home must be rectified as soon as possible.

If the property has not been properly maintained by your landlord, housing association or council to a safe standard then an accident such as a slip, trip or fall can be high risk.

Slips trip or falls in a public place

The Highways Act 1980 sets out the legal responsibilities for your local council to ensure the road parks, pavements, pathways etc. are properly maintained and safe for the public to use, this includes:

  • Maintaining public playgrounds such as fixing broken equipment or flooring
  • Evening out pavements and ensuring cracks are maintained and filled etc.
  • Gritting roads in poor icy weather
  • Fixing cracks or potholes in the road surface

If you are still unsure about who is at fault for your injury or would just like to discuss your experience to find out more about your options, then contact our legally trained team of advisors today. We can tell you in minutes if you have a claim, who could be at fault and even get your compensation claim started today.

How could compensation help?

Having any type of accident and sustaining an injury, as a result, can be a difficult time. If you have had a slip, trip or fall, it can not only affect your mobility but also your ability to work.

The effects of an injury can be life-changing not just for you but for your loved ones also. This is where compensation can help get things back to normal.

We know claiming compensation cannot take away what has happened to you, but it can help gain some financial stability back for you and your family. It can also help towards the cost of paying for any medical treatment you may require as well as any adaptations you need to make to your home or car due to your injury.

An injury can also have a psychological impact as well as the physical pain caused, therefore, when making a claim, your solicitor will also consider the emotional consequence your accident has had.

If you would like to find out more about making a claim or how we could help you, then contact our team today. Our legal advisors can help, guide and support you on a no-obligation basis.

If you have decided you wish to proceed with a claim, then our team can help set up your claim in one quick and easy call.

How much compensation will I get?

Compensation has no set figures as no claim is the same, therefore, we are unable to tell you at this stage what you could be eligible to. Compensation is calculated on not just your injury and it’s severity but your financial losses as well.

Therefore, when considering your compensation claim, your solicitor will look to include:

  • Loss of income and time taken off work
  • Future loss of income and other impacts the negligence may have had on your working ability
  • Any extra daily expenses cause due to the negligence
  • Medical care costs such as treatment, travel and accommodation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Any adaptations you may have had to your car or home
  • Care received, even if it was from a family member
  • Psychological trauma
  • Impacts on your social life, interests and hobbies

Only after your solicitor has started negotiations with the fault party’s insurance or solicitors will you be able to get an accurate estimate of the amount of compensation you will receive, however, if you would like to gain more of a rough idea now then try our claims compensation calculator.

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