What is an upper-body injury?

An upper body injury is an injury that affects any area between the top of your head down to your waist including your upper limbs (arms).

Not only can upper body injuries cause pain they can have large impacts on finances, career opportunities and social aspects of your life, all of this can also lead to feeling alienated as you are unable to get on with your day-to-day routine.

The financial impact an upper-body injury can have can be very stressful due to additional expenses being created e.g. if you’re unable to drive you may have additional travel costs, time off work to recover may leave bills unpaid. At a time of recovery from a traumatic event such as an accident, this additional stress is something you should have to deal with.

Here at Direct Solicitors, our experience has helped thousands of people claim the compensation they deserve after being involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault. Our team of specialist solicitors have years of experience with a proven success rate. Contact our team today to find out how we can help you make your road to recovery easier.

What Types Of Upper Body Injuries Can I Claim For?

Upper body injuries are classed as the torso, upper limbs and head area, there are many different ways an injury can cause and therefore, different effects to the different areas of the upper body.

Some examples of the more common injuries are:

  • Back injury – there are various types of back injuries, some of which are back sprains/strains, severe bruising, ligament, tendon and or nerve damage and paraplegia
  • Spinal injury – this type of injury can be extremely serious and lead to a complete loss of sensation, movement and feeling from the point of injury down, this is known as complete spinal cord injury. Spinal injuries can also be categorised as an incomplete spinal cord injury, this is when the sufferer still has some form of sensation, movement and/or feeling
  • Neck injury – including soft tissue damage, muscle and/or ligament damage (often referred to as whiplash) and cervical sprain/strain
  • Hearing loss and industrial deafness – caused by being subjected to industrial noise and unfortunately, in most cases can be irreversible
  • Head injury –  these injuries can greatly vary in severity and can be anything from a minor cut to long-lasting brain injuries. Most head injuries are caused by an impact of blows or trauma to the head
  • Full and partial sight loss
  • Chest Injury/Condition – the chest area consists of the spine, rib cage, heart, lungs, sternum (breast bone), clavicle (shoulder bones) and pectorals (chest muscles)
  • Most commonly chest injury/damage is caused by industrial disease, however, it can also result from chest trauma, penetration and/or impact
  • Arm Injury – the three main bones in your arm are surrounded by tendons, ligaments and muscles and an injury to any one of these can result in pain, stiffness, restricted movement, inflammation and in some cases permanent disability
  • Hand injury – impacting largely on your life, even when it is of a minor nature as our hands are constantly in use, leaving it to be a vulnerable part of the body. This consistent use of our hands can also lead to overuse. Overuse or injury to the hand can result in conditions such as sprained hand, broken fingers or thumb, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and vibration white finger or hand-arm vibration syndrome

If your injury isn’t listed above then don’t worry it doesn’t mean we cannot help you, providing you have been injured in the last three years due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, then we’re confident we could help.

Our solicitors have years of experience dealing with all types of upper body injuries, contact our legal advice team today to find out how our solicitors can help you gain the compensation you deserve.

Can I make a person compensation claim for my upper body injury?

Knowing if you can claim for your injuries can sometimes be difficult, however, generally you could be eligible to claim if:

  • Your accident/diagnosis date was in the last 3 years
  • Someone else was at fault
  • As a result of the accident you were injured

Contacting our legal advice team can go along the way to helping you, not only find out your eligibility but setting up your claim as well. In one phone call we can advise if you have a claim and as long as you are happy to proceed, we can get your claim up and running today on a No Win No Fee basis.

It is important for us to ensure you are comfortable and happy with our service, that’s why we never apply any pressure and speak with you on a no-obligation basis. All of our advisors are legally trained to ensure you receive the best possible help, support and guidance.

What Is The Process of Upper Body Injury Claim And What Is Expected From Me?

After discussing as many details of the event as possible, our personal injury solicitor will begin collecting all the evidence you may possess, each case will vary in this instance but documents may include accident reports, witnesses, police reports and medical evidence.

Once a case has been assessed and accepted the No Win No Fee agreement (CFA) will be set up and signed by you and ourselves. At this stage, your solicitor will also guide you through more of the process in greater detail.

After the No Win No Fee agreement is in place your solicitor will contact the people/person responsible for your personal injury (in most cases this will be an insurance company) and inform them of your intent to claim. Once a response has been received, your solicitor will contact you informing you of the process, which depends on the response.

If you’re worried about claiming and the process then contact our team and we can answer any questions you may have and give you the support you need on a no-obligation basis.

How much compensation would I receive?

Every case has its individual circumstances, therefore, there is no set amount, unfortunately meaning we cannot tell you how much you will receive at this stage. However, our claims compensation calculator can give you an estimate so you can have a bit of a guideline.

Whilst the money cannot turn back the time it can help to ensure you can get back on the right track helping ease additional stresses such as paying bills when out of work, supporting your family and paying additional expenses caused as a result of your injury.

Our solicitors have years of experience and specialise in these types of claims, they will take into account all expenses that have been caused due to your injury including:

  • Loss and future loss of income
  • Effects the injury has had on your work e.g. an impact on progression
  • Employability, if your capacity has changed and you now have a lack of future job opportunities
  • Costs for adaptations e.g. in your home or vehicle
  • Care and/or support you have received, even if it was from a loved one
  • Loss of amenity e.g. hobbies and activities that have been affected

Upper body injuries have a range in severity and therefore, the impact can be substantial on yours and your loved one’s lives.

Trying to adjust can be difficult and every aspect of your life can be changed, that why our solicitors will assess all aspects to ensure they get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

If you want to discuss the circumstances of your claim then contact our legal advice team today to find out how Direct Solicitors can help you.

What Are The Estimated Face Injury Compensation Payouts?

Below is a list of roughly calculated compensation payouts of how much you could be entitled too.  

If you have suffered an injury that isn’t listed here then we could help. Or try our personal injury claims calculator to gain an estimate amount of how much you could receive.

Minor Facial Scarring

Includes light scarring or fading injuries with no broken facial bone – £1,000 to £2,200

Noticeable Scarring

Facial scars that is clear and visible from some distance – £6,000 to £11,500

Severe Scarring

Severe facial deformity/disfigurement – £13,000 to £74,500

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