After discussing as many details of the event as possible,m our personal injury solicitors will begin collecting all the evidence you may possess, each case will vary in this instance, but documents may include, accident reports, witnesses, police reports and medical evidence.

Once a case has been assessed and accepted the No Win No Fee agreement (CFA) will be set up and signed by you and the solicitors. At this stage they will also guide you through more of the process in greater detail.

After the No Win No Fee agreement is in place your specialist solicitor will contact the people/person responsible for your personal injury (in most cases this will be an insurance company) and inform them of your intent to claim.

They will be sent a “Claims Notification Form” (CNF), they then have to respond either:

  • Accepting liability, at this point your solicitors can begin to negotiate your settlement
  • Rejecting liability, don’t worry this doesn’t mean you don’t have a claim, your solicitor will review the evidence they have and discuss the case further with you advising you of the next steps.

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